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The investigation of History through its unknown aspects. Facts, interpretations and connections in a responsible series publishing books on the unknown History that change him way we see the world. Historical riddles, medieval history, knights and incidents about which little has been written to date.

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Mantida Daphne

The hidden pagan identity of the pseudo-Dionysius Areopagite and the last project of Hellenism before the rise of Christianity

12.10  10.90 

Trebizond – The last Empire of Medieval Hellenism

14.70  13.25 

The Greeks through the eyes of the Arabs

10.90  9.80 

The Contotieri – Mercenaries and Warlords of Medieval Italy – 14th-16th century

18.50  16.65 

Knights in Moria

17.00  15.30 

Castles & Legends in Greece

17.00  15.30 

Stone & Sword

17.00  15.30