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Publication of books on ancient Greece, with the essence of the heritage of our forefathers - Philosophy, arts, culture. Aristotle and Plato, his teachers Alexander the Great, the secrets of Arcadia, the metaphysics of Neoplatonism, the aesthetic current of Pan, are some of the eponymous chapters that one finds in our books on ancient Greece.

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A modern retelling of the ancient drama

13.90  12.50 

Mantida Daphne

The hidden pagan identity of the pseudo-Dionysius Areopagite and the last project of Hellenism before the rise of Christianity

12.10  10.90 

Looking for Arcadia

19.77  17.80 

Aristotle's Quintessence

8.00  7.20 

The Teachers of Alexander the Great

13.30  12.00 

The God of Pan in the Greek Poetry of the Decline

8.00  7.20 

Chaldaic Rites – The Secret Teaching of Neoplatonism

12.00  10.80 

The 8 Pillars of Greek Wisdom

15.00  13.50 

Nietzsche on Socrates

10.00  9.00 

Statuesque lilies

11.00  9.90 

Hecate of the Night

12.00  10.80 

The Music of the Spheres

8.00  7.20