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An integral part of human existence is its relationship with the divine (the high and other, or as one calls it and understands it). O Daedalus chooses religious books for publication with an emphasis on spirituality and the purpose of highlighting the religious element in modern man, non-denominational and with respect for all spiritual traditions of the world, West and East.

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Mantida Daphne

The hidden pagan identity of the pseudo-Dionysius Areopagite and the last project of Hellenism before the rise of Christianity

12.10  10.90 


18.20  16.40 

The Art of Prayer in the Ascetic Tradition

8.00  7.20 

Mysterious Athos: Spiritual Confessions of the Monks of Mount Athos

13.00  11.70 

The Mystical Symbolism of the Church

8.00  7.20 

Michael Psellou Mystagogia

15.00  13.50 
Jesus Mythicism: An Introduction, Minas Papageorgiou, Daidaleos Publications -

Jesus Mythicism: An Introduction

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"Problem of the Historicity of Jesus" + "Jesus & Myth"

The Problem of the Historicity of Jesus

17.00  15.30 

The Theology of Awakening

12.00  10.80 

Jesus & Myth

15.00  13.50 

The face of Jesus as the archetype of man

5.00  4.50