Daidaleos Publications was born within the large family of the Model Culture Group "Pigi" and is made up of a creative group of people with decades of experience in the field of publishing and highly specialized studies in Greece and abroad.

In our creative team for book publishing, you will find popular authors from the field of intellectual search, who have been editors-in-chief and publishing managers of publications of a pan-Hellenic reach (magazines and newspapers of the alternative and internal search) and Publishing Consultants fully trained in our specialized subject matter. The Professional Readers have a deep knowledge of the subject matter of our publications, the Philological Department ensures the flawless result of our books, the multi-member Atelier with the awareness of the special aesthetics and all the modern design types required guarantees the best of the image. In addition, the Marketing Department is well aware of the psychology of our readers and, in close collaboration with the author, creates the appropriate promotion plan for the book with promotional activities involving bookstore chains, international and local book fairs, book launches, branded book reviews, print and radio interviews, live presence on social media, promo video and other, strategically planned advertisements always with respect to the reader and the creator of each of our books.

Our vision and driving force are the deeper meanings that preoccupy our works to remain relevant over time, to expand the horizons of our thinking and above all to push us to further spiritual search and introspection.

This, after all, is the reason that makes each edition of our book unique. Unique in terms of the subject matter it deals with, the originality of its approach, the elegance of its cover, as well as the wealth and quality of information it conveys to the reading public.

Our ultimate goal is for Daedaleos Publications to be established in the minds of the reading public as a Model Publishing House for publishing books related to the field of Inner Search. We ask to open a new chapter in the Greek history of alternative thought with the perspective of exporting our books to the world readership. That is why we offer a platform to classic writers who may not yet be so well known in our country, as well as to newer creators and writers who can and want to contribute with their thoughts and pen to the pursuit of all of us, for true meaning in Zoe.

What does Daedalus mean?

The word daedaleos is found in the Homeric epics and in Hesiod and means the intelligent, the skilful, the artful, the well-made. This is where the name Daedalos comes from, which means the elaborately crafted, as is the case with the publishing of books, which receive the best care from our creative team, with absolute respect for our authors and readers.

What does our editorial emblem mean?

We have chosen as an emblem a walking labyrinth, a variation of the design that the visitor finds at the entrance of the Cathedral of Chartres (13th century), thus symbolizing every human being's insatiable need for introspection. After all, the world of knowledge is also a labyrinth that must be walked by those who want to find themselves.

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We are looking for new works and translations on Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Unknown History, Religion, Alternative Research, Archaeosophy, Mythology, Folklore, and Paranormal. If you think that your writing project is special and you wish to become a member of our writing family, please do not hesitate to communicate with us