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    The first step in publishing a book is, of course, the assessment of the Professional Reader. A Professional Reader as well as the book's personal Publishing Consultant will be asked to read the work, identify its weaknesses, but also highlight its innovations. The purpose of this assessment is to be able to find the way to make a good book even better so that it gains both the reader's attention in bookshops, at exhibitions and on the internet, as well as being the subject of creative discussions.

    Publishing a book is a journey whose most important part is the work of embodying the project where the professional team of our Atelier, the Promotion Department, the Publishing Consultant but also the author will implement those elements that will make the book, true publishing event as well, a true collector's item.

    Thus, and once the thorough philological correction has been completed by our respective Philological Department, the book is delivered to pass the text to a professional pagination program, where it is developed and arranged in conjunction with the special illustration delivered by the author or and the Publishing Consultant. And the illustration of our books to be published, is a characteristic of Daedaleos Publications' signature as they all carry, with respect to Art and Culture, rare photographic works, lithographs, and era engravings that communicate the grace of what is written as well as important information.

    With the same zeal, our team chooses with particular care the aesthetics on the cover – emphasizing artistic currents such as that of Symbolism and Surrealism and with a mood such as to achieve the harmonious marriage of the classic with the most advanced trends in graphic design – as well as the pagination of the interior so that the text is framed with the correct decoration but also the photographic material that we fish from rare old manuscripts and world heritage books. Our books to be published are also accompanied by forewords by distinguished academics, authors and researchers who add to the work with their pen and increase the importance of the publication. At the same time, we seek that the horizon of the book does not stop at the Greek-speaking audience. The translation of the work by our Translation Department, its conversion into a digital ebook, its placement in international online bookstores such as Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords and its presence at the World Book Fair in Frankfurt is the ultimate goal we set in every case. Many of the thousands of books of our Publishing Group have crossed the language borders of Greek and are currently being read in English, French, German, Italian and even Chinese.

    Finally, the paper for the publication of the book will be carefully selected – we prefer chamois as it is easy on the eye – and in the appropriate grams to increase its resistance over time, as well as the way we print our covers on Old Mill paper more often which is more friendly to the sense of touch. Our Atelier, in collaboration with the largest Printing Houses in North and South Greece, will carry out test prints on the Mockup (the full development of the front cover and the back cover, that is) so that we can get the best result in coloring before moving to mass production, as the reader he deserves and expects from us, the best.

    The publication of the book is now complete. The correct placement and presentation of the project is in order. Our Publications Distribution Network consists of branded chains and large bookstores throughout Greece and Cyprus. Specifically, it includes Public, Ianos, Politeia, Evripidis, Patakis Protoporia, Books Plus, Labyrinthos, and the Parga chain in Cyprus. As well as stable partners such as the bookstore Dion, Aeonios Iniochos, Kentri, etc. Our Publications work together with all the major wholesalers in Southern and Northern Greece, thus covering all bookstores throughout the region. While at the same time and every day, books are sent to the entire planet by ordering through our website.

    In addition, our academic works are available in the Eudoxus University Textbook Library, while the English language book edition is also available on major international platforms, such as Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes & Nobles.

    In a more general context, the enlargement of the distribution network of our publications is a very important priority for us.

    That's it for placement. Publishing a book, however, requires much more. As it stands, our Commercial Department has secured special partnerships with major chains to display our titles prominently in physical stores as well as with digital ads on their websites.

    While the Promotion Department, and always in close collaboration with the author, will present the author's views in a series of articles that will be shared on all the Publisher's social media while the book is sent to critics, journalists and influential readers with the ultimate goal the broadening of the book's recognition and of course, the transmission of our author's ideas.

    The quality of a book edition does not stop the moment it leaves the Printing Office. His offer begins now, and the starting point is his well-organized presentation. Always in close collaboration with the Promotion Department, the Author can and must share his ideas with the reading public through a series of book presentations. Statistically, our Publishing Group carries out approximately 200 presentations throughout Greece, Cyprus and abroad per year in bookstores, libraries and other places of culture. The benefit of such an evening lies not only in the financial part, but mainly in the advertising opportunity it offers. And this is because, for every presentation that our Editor organizes, all local media are informed with Press Releases, as well as invitations are posted on social media. Then, the repetition with photographs from the event as well as the relaying by attendees of the news of the preceding gathering, ensures the book's greater range of information and communication.

    Of course, we also hold special book presentations in the context of the largest Book Fairs and Festivals throughout the country. In particular, Daidaleos Publishing continuously participates in all the major exhibitions with its own stand in Zappeion in Athens, in Pasalimani in Piraeus, in Paralia in Thessaloniki as well as in the Thessaloniki International Book Fair, devoting one day and one hour each time, to ' one of our authors who can attend the Pavilion to chat with readers as well as sign their works.

    We are looking for new works and translations on Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Unknown History, Religion, Alternative Research, Archaeosophy, Mythology, Folklore, and Paranormal. If you think your writing project is special and would like to become a member of our writing family, please do not hesitate to contact us via or on the phones 2311 27 28 03 and 211 01 26 900.

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