slide Reading a book
it actually is
"reading" of ourselves
of the self.

- Marcel Proust
slide A great book
starts with an idea;
a great life with
a decision.

- Louis L'Amour
slide When you want something,
the whole universe is conspiring
to help you
to achieve it.

- Paulo Coelho


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    Daidaleos Publications was born within the large family of the Model Source Culture Group and therefore consists of people with extensive experience in the field of publishing and rich highly specialized studies in Greece and abroad.
    In our ranks you will find much-loved authors, visionaries who served as editors or publishing directors in national publications (magazines and newspapers), some of the first and most successful professional readers, a creative studio, as well as a multi-member marketing department strategically located in the heart of of the Greek publishing community, in the center of Athens.

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