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Democracy and Greekness

Democracy and Greekness

Within the framework of Arcadism, and the Arcadian Ideal, what is the meaning of the much-hyped concept of Democracy and what do we mean by the term 'Hellenicity'?

     Today we are used to considering democracy as a sacred totem, forgetting that what matters is the content and not the packaging. In an imaginary society, for example, if one could pass his secret desires to steal, rob and kill to a group of people, the democratization of imagination, through thought cloning, would create a society of murderers and become democratized. of lawlessness and oppression.

  Already from the earliest times, there have been many examples where the concept of democracy in the sense of a coercive collectivity was transformed into the democratization of a religious fanaticism that forced the citizens to accept a sick mental exclusion and a persecution of dissidents through the creation of the Inquisition, the ' redemptive' torture or even the necessity of genocide of heretics through 'holy' fires.

   Similarly, Western-style democracy, taking as its ideal the period of Terror that took place in France during 1793-94 and espousing a self-styled doctrine of cultural racism, supported colonialism, cultural imperialism and the systematic extermination of entire peoples.

   This means that the much-advertised concept of Democracy must necessarily not only belong to everyone, but also be accompanied by a high Education. A humanistic Education, without dogmatism, religious fanaticism and nationalistic delusions, founded on the complementary diversity of ethnic characteristics and rooted in the mosaic of quality characteristics of each race and tradition.

  When we talk about Democracy we should understand that there cannot be a healthy Democracy if it is not accompanied by a high level of spirituality. We cannot speak of a Democracy or a Rule of Law without a science and technology freed from big private interests, made to serve all people, to preserve Nature and to protect non-human creatures. In short, when we talk about Democracy, we cannot but refer to an Education whose ideal is the Forest of Arcadia, a symbolic form of reality where all trees, animals, minerals and plants work together through their diversity for balance and prosperity of the total. But there is something else.

  Within the framework of 'Democracy' we should also examine the myth of so-called Equality. Equality in Nature does not exist. Neither among species nor among humans. But what must exist is the equality of diversity. If we escape from the hypnosis submitted by mental conventions and look outside, we will see that all beings are not on some vertical axis that in some places gives privileges and in others deprives even the basics of survival. Instead, they are on a horizontal level with different characteristics but similar rights and obligations. Only man has created in his mind the myth of evolutionary levels, putting himself at the top. In Nature, everything is connected to everything else and, according to their special gifts, they work cooperatively and complementary.

  Equality, in the sense of uniformity, is nothing more than a dangerous myth. Each person and each life form has certain characteristics that make them more effective at some things and less effective at others. At the level of human society, one person may have greater powers of mental analysis than another who may excel in musical talent or powers of observation. There are people with a photographic memory and others who were born with greater physical strength. Similarly, in the environment, a pine tree and an anemone have different gifts and properties. An eagle is not the same as a fish as it is in its nature to adapt to different environments. It is this mosaic of equal diversity that gives beauty to the world. It is this partial disparity in the various elements that makes up the Mystery of the Universe.

   So when we mean 'Democracy and Hellenicity' we mean the following: Arcadism adopted the Ecumenical Vision of Alexander. In the Library of Alexandria the best from around the world in every field, studying, imitating, adopting and adapting the traditions, scientific achievements and special cultural features from the then known world, complemented each other, researching the past, planning the present and preparing for the future, – their goal was the welfare of the whole society. Religious traditions, nationalist visions, tribal blood and political affiliations did not interest them. The purpose was personal and collective development. For this reason they created a new form of literature and poetry that glorified life and love rather than the warlord epics and massacres of the past. For this reason they united all the linguistic peculiarities of the individual idioms into a coherent universal language, which could be the property of all men. For this reason they raised their myths to the constellations, so that they might become the property of all mankind. For this reason, they elevated and freed women from the shackles of a patriarchal society, which excluded her from social processes and limited her to the gynokonitis. This was, for the Arcadians of Alexandria, the essence of Greekness. A level of consciousness that started from the human level and reached the Divine.

 Today, as continuers of this Tradition, we can envision nothing less.

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