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Medieval mercenaries: the squires

Mercenaries in Italy were generally referred to as condotieri (s.s.: from the contract –condotta– that they signed with their employers). The term appears in texts as early as the middle of the 12th century, but it seems that the gradual predominance of Italians in the profession, from the middle of the 14th century onwards, contributed to its prevalence.

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The revival of the ancient god Pan in the age of the pandemic

A God who loves music, sometimes with unbridled eroticism and sometimes tender and kind, who nevertheless does not cease sometimes to spread panic.
Why would we be interested in a god like Panas in our time? Deity of forests and pastoral life how could his presence be associated with the man of the urbanized society of modern times?

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The Issue of God's Existence is a Matter of Human Interpretation

"Is there a God after all?" A clear question, which states that there have been a myriad of opinions ‒ and I'm not only referring to those of the distinguished friends Petros Papapostolos and Panagiotis Asimeonoglou - since the dawn of human thought. Only that for the ancient man the specific question did not raise any doubt, but had only one strong answer – and this is certainly affirmative!

But what changed and we went from the self-evident "yes" to modern questioning? I believe that the difference lies solely in the way of interpretation.

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After all, is there a God?

After all, is there a God? Clearly, the answer to this question cannot be limited to a "Yes" or "No". And this is because the subject around which we revolve is not an empirical object. Nevertheless, people throughout the ages have asked this question and have sought divinity in various ways: They have looked to ancient sources, followed enlightened teachers, believed in various stories, embraced doctrines, and followed various Paths that are heralded as leading to "theosis."

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